Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Orange -Rap

Sydney Nagaram Rap

Romee Yano veni Carryit Madhaleena
 Now ya shake ya booty like a RRona Sona
 Oh Yeah... Love it... love it

 Mony Yanee Yanee shiny Shasaleena
 Willi willi willi will will Mitsana
 Oh Yeah.. mummummum... move it move it

 Sydney Love - Manamic Manamic
 Lock it up - Find a kick Find a kick
 Jig it up - Watta Freak Watta Freak.. Uh haannnnnn

 Show me love now., Show me love now
 Mind it maddy U naughty
 Fainaeetho Masiletho....
 Drivin Crazy Hello Kitty
 Aoumasakey Homa Loni
 Mehto fortho Zomano
 Pastho pastho Fromaneno
 Waitho waitho Latino

 Sydney Sydney Sydney -2


Marishonin love in love in nombo onein Sydney Love
Marishonin fallin Love in love in sydney love

Marison veeson Honey ha ha lovin lovin sydney love
Marison Veeson wonin haha lovin Sydney sydney love!

Hope you guys like it.. and there's no meanin ... i just wrote according to the music & mood. for the Movie.


  1. hi i love rap songs i heard orange recently ur "ko" songs also .mind blow vocal .that great song awesome , keep going dear.

  2. Hi Ranina :)

    Donno if u ll remember me :) <<??

    1st of all, plz accept my heartfelt compliments for your awesome Talent !!

    I am Raaj, guy who sang with u today in a function at Savera :)

    Rahul didnt yet give me his id to post my songs....
    So...posting link of Muziboo ( singer's community) where u can find my songs...ofcourse cine songs...

    My id :

    C u :)